Something has to be fundamentally wrong with you if you think Israel deserves any kind of sympathy in any form.

Friendly reminder that there are real living people suffering there right now, so if you believe that the people of Israel don’t deserve any…

Friendly reminder that so long as Palestinians deny Israel’s right to exist and support Hamas in calling for its destruction there can be nothing but admiration for Israeli restraint. Under 500 dead? That’s called restraint when rockets are being hurled at you. If Israel really wanted to hurt Palestinian civilians the death toll the death toll would be in the 10000s by now.

Translation: “Look at how nice Israel is for killing only a few hundred people! They could’ve nuked Gaza you know, but they didn’t, because they’re so nice.”

tbh youre all pretty fucking stupid to even say israel deserves no sympathy at all when there are tons of innocent people there who also have to deal with the initial threats of violence daily and have no control over what their government does. yall really just love shitting on people with your dramatic rants about how life is so unfair without giving a fuck at looking at people suffering on the other side of it. youre all repulsive

What’s undeniable though is that they’re protected by anti aircraft/anti missile counter measures that keep the population safe enough to exist with MOSTLY just the threat of violence rather than the threat of violence and that threat being executed at a ratio of 192:1. This isn’t to say at all that anyone deserves peace more than anyone else because the Israeli government/Hamas are truly the actors here, but I feel like it’s somewhat clear currently which party is being actively aggressed and which is receiving the brunt of violence.

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